What’s a Sick Day?

WHEN you’re a mom, taking time off to take care of yourself is work! It’s impossible to find the time, you don’t ‘feel’ like it when you do have time, you’re always caring for someone else or doing something else to help your family. This is amplified when you’re a mom with your own business.  The past […]

The Adventurous 2015 | Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC Photographer

TO say this year was adventurous is an understatement. Quick decisions, super-mom-mode & blessings of wonderful clients kept me on my toes and flat-out TIRED. Hahaha! I’m not sugarcoating 2015. Instead, I’m admitting it was a fast-paced, tiring year full of new EVERYTHING. The end of December 2014, we finally realized our little family would […]