Looking for Firsts

EVERY year for school pictures we purchase a class picture and an individual picture then tuck said pictures inside a folder to smile at years from now.

The picture that goes on our wall is the school picture I take of our little lady. She gets to pick her outfit and “theme” of the session. She decides her hair style, whether she wants her dog in the picture and whatever other items she would like to include. I want the school picture to reflect our daughter in every way at that point in time. Our little lady wears a uniform to school {that’s what her school pictures were taken in on picture day}, but she wanted to wear a school-colored dress for her pictures. You might be asking what are the items she chose? Well, the books in the basket are some of her all-time favorites, the glasses are an old pair of mine she’s wanted to play with, I found the old school desk in the Midwest that’s identical to one at her namesake’s house & the high heels are shoes of mine she likes wearing.

schoolpictures_11-2016_2_wm_1The meaning behind why she chose such items made me SO PROUD. However, I seldom share the stories behind my family pictures. The stories are what make each picture so meaningful. They are beautiful images, but the meaning makes such images shine in our home. The items pictured truly reflect our little lady, BUT the biggest meaning behind these pictures is she wanted to be a ‘lady president’. Our little lady has repeatedly told me she wants to be president – a lady president. She wants to be MY lady president when she grows up. No matter your political views, you have to appreciate the hope a female candidate has given so many girls. I never thought about being president; never was encouraged to even dream such. To hear my daughter – my pre schooler – dream of a ‘could be’ because she’s seen a woman get SO close to the White House makes my heart smile. To watch my daughter  “vote” on Election Day for Hillary Clinton because she wanted a lady in the White House is a memory I will not forget. She wanted someone like her – a LADY president. After this week in our nation’s politics, sharing the “theme” our little lady chose for her school pictures seems appropriate. The last few days I’ve heard so many moms share how their girls had the same hope; their girls wanted to see a lady president. My wish is you can appreciate the HOPE in these pictures.
{One of these pictures will always be on my desk. }
– Megan –