When You Don’t Push the Camera

THE fact our daughter thinks what I do is an adventure rather than mom having a camera in front of her face is a mom WIN. I worked hard to teach her a camera isn’t always needed and when it’s out we’re a team {using an old point and shoot camera for her to play and learn on was a wise sacrifice}.
I’ve tried teaching my little lady the camera isn’t always something that has to be part of every adventure & she doesn’t have to be in every picture. All while teaching her how the camera works and why it’s used are the little things that make my husband sign with frustration, BUT it’s working!
She now helps me plan the pictures I take of her every few months and get’s super excited about her role – the fun outfit, accessories, including a doll {or her dog or the sheep or her garden shovel or, or, or…}. She gets to help decide a location along with looking at the weather to see if the pictures are realistic. These are all aspects I work and plan with clients whether it’s for family sessions or, in a similar way, food photography. So, she’s basically getting to be part of my everyday. And, I LOVE it. The things stated and the creativity she puts into helping is truly mind-blowing!
The images below aren’t an example of planning, BUT an example of when I was leaving my camera behind to enjoy the day at the aquarium. As we were walking away from the parking lot, my little lady asked why I didn’t have my camera. I stated how I wanted to spend the day running around and playing; a response I thought she’d get excited about. But, instead she asked I bring my camera to document our excursion. MY HEART SMILED. Most of the pictures I took were of her back as I wanted to remember what I saw. I didn’t want to ask a lot of her – as at 4 the best pictures are always kid-driven not mom-driven.
I hope you enjoy a peek of my view. The princess dress {she calls herself a queen when wearing this dress} is a common occurance on family outings and I’m THRILLED I was able to take pictures of our little lady’s everyday. A sight I see often; the fact it was at the aquarium was even better!