New Additions to the Farm |Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC Photographer

TWIN lambs were recently born to our sheep Baby & Mr. Our daughter was able to see and help with the lambs just moments after they were born. Something so important to us as parents.
We work hard to give our little lady an agriculturally-based childhood. She runs around with a chicken in her arms while helping us move chickens, telling Baby the sheep she’s “milking a LOT” every morning or relocating worms in our garden as we plant seeds. Where we currently live in the Washington DC/Virginia area sheep, chickens and gardening are the best we can do with the area we have. I have a cattle background from Florida; growing up on a commercial dairy farm with a large beef herd to raise show steers and heifers. After college, I moved to Missouri to continue promoting the agriculture industry by taking my family’s natural Angus beef to restaurants, chefs, grocery stores and consumers throughout the midwest – within 6 months we were getting recognized in national publications for our marketing and photography.
So, even if we cannot have cattle at the moment, we can still show our little lady the importance of agriculture with our {pretty cool} sheep, chickens and MAD gardening skills.
These animals have the coolest personalities! They are constantly keeping us fresh with funny farm stories. Like the day the sheep met the mail lady on our front porch! Ha!
You see the images I take of families and the few images I am able to share of the food photography that gets published. However, I often have my agricultural images published. Below enjoy some pictures from the last week! {Check out the cream line on Baby’s milk!}