Use Your Big Girl Camera | Maryland Virginia, Washington DC Photographer

YOU walk into the room and immediately say “OH, the cuteness!”…. Then, you frantically pull out your phone and take a picture!!
I use to be guilty of this. Even when my professional camera was a few rooms away I’d go for my phone to remember the moment.©12:33Photography EVEN when we keep a family camera around the house, I didn’t look for it, BUT go to my phone for the picture. What was I thinking??? No, really, what in the world!?! I have gotten MUCH better about not doing this – so I know you can make a change, too.
Most times, it seems easier to grab your phone to remember the little moments. When you really cannot match the quality of an image taken with a DSLR with the an image taken with your phone.
Choose to use your nice camera {In our house, commonly called my ‘Big Girl Camera’ to our 4-year old} one day a week. If you wish you were using your phone less and your nice camera more, starting one day a week is realistic. Increasing days until it becomes a natural habit.
Nope, there’s no logical reason to wait until January 1st of next year and make this your New Years Resolution. Using your camera more often is a decision and lifestyle change that’s simple to start today!
Need a boost to get going? {Who doesn’t!} Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to take a photo of your family: Playtime? Nap time? Meal time? Bath time?
There’s no need to make elaborate plans {raise your hand if you’re guilty…me, me, me!} Simply have your ‘Big Girl Camera’ close and take the picture.
I often work with my clients to make sure pictures they take are going to turn out. It’s important to have professional pictures taken of your family, BUT it’s also important for me to teach some basics to make sure my clients don’t miss the little moments.
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Below are images I took peeking out the front door last weekend. Our Little Lady was practicing with her new rod & reel. You can see the picture when she realized I was taking her picture. :)