Distractions are GOOD | Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC Photographer

PREACH it, sister! Preach.
That’s what I do with my clients that have children. “Focus on getting pictures of your child between our sessions….”, “A little planning can mean cute pictures….”, “Let’s take time and work on you becoming more familiar with your camera….”
For me, it’s important my clients have the resources to confidently take pictures of their family. It makes sense as a photographer to make sure the big milestones are pictured even when I’m not present. {Sitting up, eating solids, walking, first day of preschool….}
With that said, I’m one to preach AND practice what I’m saying. I work to get planned pictures of our daughter every six months. On this day {birthday pictures}, preschool had been canceled FIVE DAYS {yes, 5 days!!} because of the blizzard. We still had several feet of snow on the ground and soaked snow clothes drying all over the house. I had finished up a client photo shoot in our dining room the day before – you know, because access to the studio was not possible – and purposely left the lighting and backdrop setup for photographing our little lady.
Now, I expected her basset hound to join the photographing fun, BUT didn’t expect the dog to keep falling off the seat and taking the entire set up with her. After the fourth time, I gave up on putting everything just so and went with it. {I had already gotten adorable, wall-worthy images of our little lady with her birthday crown and had the red lipstick out as our “let’s end this on a fun, memorable note” prop.} Little did the basset hound know that meant lipstick for ALL. What makes these pictures so funny is the dogs’ expression -it NEVER changes. Ever. Her face is always the same but the eye’s get the point across. Our little lady and her dog had a blast, the setup was a hot mess and I saved cleanup for when my husband arrived home from work. :)
Before you laugh at the pictures, know that I always get outside pictures when I do these sessions {10-15 minutes, max} with our daughter. Even in the dead of winter. We’re heading into Washington DC this weekend and I’m planning an opportunity to complete my biannual pictures.